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People devour books that just aren't nutritious, yet claim they are metaphorically. Other people roll books up and smoke them, and admit the books have no known nutritious content, however since they're addicted they read these smoking books whenever they damn well please! Other people just get drunk on books, pouring through those pages, letting the words slide down their throat...

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Amelioration was published 31-08-15



Scenes of symbology, healing, ritual excavations, grief and the poetry that escapes from this.

People only cry when they feel safe, that is, unless they really don’t have much to cry about, or are extremely naïve.



Amazing sounds, noises,


Coming from a human

Vocal antics. Tunes –

That they’ve never heard,

Lyrical ideas that convey

And transport

Showing them that

With instruments in hand

And bursting worlds

Of words in melodies strange

Telling poetic protest truths,

Showing them that

And wanting smiles to engage

A laughing tangle tackle converse

After the clap and cheer.


Published April 17th 2015 by Longbourn Gallery

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published 2015

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Forcefully injected with petroleum-based substances for years, this poet’s words are unshushable to the minds of the truly sane.



The torture of the past

Leaking its burning beam

Into the present

Aching the wish

For all to cease,

All – so the pain will stop.


My mind is still asking

Because the protest

Has not reached enough

To change the chains

That clang inside.

So many forced

To be their slave,

Going to the labs

Losing, losing everything

That makes them feel human.

I want to speak

If people won’t read.

I must write

If people won’t listen, I must

Do whatever it takes

To stop the torture

Being in the present.



No one ever helps you by hurting you.

Illustrated books

Poetry e book published by Chipmunka, London.

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You’ve crossed so many lines you no longer have a notepad.

It’s either chess or misere, when no one will negotiate

poetry paperback and ebook published by

BEINGS is an innovative series of picture books for adults, with the central characters being feelings, which constantly change their shape and speech. Click on the book cover to purchase or look at it further

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Surreal ink images with short poems attached.

An intriguing coffee table book for discussions on symbolism and meaning.

Autobiographical books


Naked Ladies, 2012



















Percipience, outside the range of understood sense, 2009

An illustrated e-book memoir published 2012

by Chipmunka, London.

Humorous memoir, about perception, independently published in 2009. Click on book cover  to purchase, or for further details.



Wolfing it down, 2009

Whose thoughts do you think about enough to call your own? those that help themselves to your mind?

A reverse fairytale. Humorous and out of this world. Published independently in 2009, soon to be updated. So get your 1st eds now!

Poetry books


Coal fire cream, June 2014








Riotous favour, 2013









Beneath, 2013








Err & Grr, 2012








Felicity, 2011









Weird stuff happening, 2011









Curl up and disappear, 2011

'Poetic truth incorporates

More senses than court-room truth,

And is far less terse.